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Cash compensation data

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About Kirk

Kirk is a breakthrough financial performer with an unmatched track record of growing retail financial institutions, winning national acclaim, and creating the strategic organizational direction.

As CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union (BFCU), Kirk grew the organization to one of the largest credit unions in the U.S., doubling assets every five years.

His success is driven by his belief that credit unions are the future of banking. Since stepping down as CEO of BFCU, Kirk has provided unparalleled leadership and advisory services in the industry to drive operational efficiencies, build brand prestige, add products, and achieve ambitious financial goals.


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Kirk speaks expertly on a multitude of topics:

  • Recruiting and retaining leadership
  • Summary of executive compensation
  • SERP 101
  • Strategic use of capital for executive comp
kirk kordeleski credit union speaking

CEO Consulting

Kirk leverages his CEO experience to help with:

  • Compensation advisory services
  • First-time CEO mentorship
  • Retirement compensation options

Board Consulting

Kirk helps credit union boards of directors with:

  • Executive retention strategies
  • Board alignment
  • Planning sessions and facilitation

Thought Leadership

Essential reading for high-performing credit union CEOs.

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