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Here is where the pedal hits the metal. In this show credit union executive retirement compensation expert Kirk Kordeleski tells how the credit union senior executives can persuade their board to agree to market rate retirement plans that may well involve multiple millions of dollars for the executive team.

That’s big money. It takes a smart argument to persuade. Kordeleski tells the argument and, in a bonus, he tells how he in fact convinced the board of Bethpage Credit Union to enact a market rate retirement plan for Kordeleski and other senior executives.

This is not blue sky hypothesizing. This is a genuine playbook. Kordeleski has been in these trenches – and he’s here to report on what worked.

But the show isn’t just for senior credit union executives. Board members too need to listen, to discover how compensation at credit unions with a strategy for success have to come together.

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Want to know more about SERPs or other matters raised in this podcast? Email Kordeleski Kkordeleski@PARCStreetPartners.com

This show is in a Money Talks series where credit union compensation is untangled.  This show will help some executives negotiate better pay packages and will also help some board members understand the ways in which 2022 credit union compensation is utterly different from 1992 comp plans, even 2012 plans because now competition for talent is so much fiercer.

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Kirk Kordeleski Money Talks Episode 6: How to Persuade a Board on Executive Retirement Packages

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