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About SERPs

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, or SERPs, are compensation solutions for top-level talent.

SERPs provide substantial flexibility, but they can be complex. It’s essential to work with a partner that understand credit unions, board governance, and the financial intricacies of credit union finance, capital, growth, culture, and strategy.

Kirk is an experienced consultant to credit union executives, with emphasis on growth strategy, board alignment, and SERP compensation. He works with the originators of the split dollar SERP model for credit unions and with them, serves hundreds of clients, thanks in part to a deep understanding of credit unions, boards, and related strategies.

Split-dollar SERPs benefit both the credit union and the executive. The SERP plans Kirk develops provide executives with tax-free retirement plans that pay back the credit union (with interest) for their investment, while also providing the executive’s family with a material protection and death benefit.

Access the SERP 101 Webinar

SERP 101

Gain instant access to this on-demand SERP 101 webinar that I hosted. In it, you’ll learn the basics of what SERPs are, what kind of competitive advantage they bring, and how they’re structured.

If you’re a credit union executive with questions about how to find a compensation plan that works best for both you and your credit union, this is a must-watch.

The run-time of this webinar is 48 minutes and excludes more than 30 minutes of Q&A discussion.

If you have additional questions about credit union SERPs, I would be more than happy to schedule a consultation call. I can also invite you to my next SERP 101, SERP 102, or advanced webinar. 

SERP 101 webinar on demand from Kirk Kordeleski and OM Financial Group

My SERP Consulting Background

Experience, education, and service

As a former credit union CEO, I bring decades of experience in presenting to boards and navigating the regulatory, accounting, strategic, and reputational complexities of executive compensation.

I pride myself on service, and education is my priority. I help each executive and credit union educate their board about SERPs and their effect on insurance, investments, recruitment, and finance.

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