Strategic Use of Capital in Credit Union Benefits

credit union strategic use of capital

The strategic use of capital has never been more important. For some background, the NCUA allows credit unions to use up to 25% of their capital to fund HR benefits with “impermissible” investments (equities, etc.). These HR benefits can fund health insurance, SERPs, and more. But a 25% cap necessarily limits the amount of capital […]

If Credit Unions Could Issue Stock Options—Should they?

cu stock options

Today, many credit unions are growing and adding C-level talent—many from for-profit industries that had stock options. Now that credit unions are competing on a new playing field of fintechs, digitally service-oriented big banks, and big tech firms, retaining and recruiting the right leaders is essential. The demand for talent is at an all-time high, […]

Credit Unions Competing with Fintechs in the Talent War

cu fintech executive talent war with kirk kordeleski and om financial group

Imagine you are a Millennial or Gen X credit union executive. You have spent 10–20 years honing your impeccable tech and financial industry skills. You understand ACH, routing numbers, loan participations, Asset and Liability Management, and Reg D/E. You love credit unions and the industry. Sure, sometimes we are a little slow to make decisions, […]